Friday, August 18, 2017

Accredit the Deen, not yourself

Table of Contents:

Situation #1: You came clean with a defect in one of your products for which your customers appreciated you a ton

Situation #2: You found a flaw in your colleague's work but informed him privately instead of humiliating him publicly

Situation #3: Someone did you a favour or helped you out, you gift him back

Situation #4: Someone knowingly harmed you but you respond back differently

Situation #5: You got angry at your subordinate for something petty or due to ego/office politics.

Situation #6: You saw him being cheated and came to his rescue 

Situation #7: You are on a hiking trip & end up sharing your meal with some lost trekkers 

Situation #8: You are overstaying at someone's house and ensure you clean your left-over's in every situation

Situation #9: A group of people mock a cyclist for failing miserably but you help him out

Situation #10: You console someone you came across to be upset/crying 

Situation #11: You cooked something special and shared it with your neighbour

Situation #12: You insist on the labourers taking their payment on the last day of work

Situation #13: You offer to reconcile/arbitrate between two strangers fighting

Situation #14: You participate in a campaign for improving the environment by cleaning the beach

Situation #15: Your friend asks you to hold on to his belonging and remembers it after 2 weeks

Situation #16: You overhear your neighbour hitting his wife so you come over to mediate 

Situation #17: Someone seeks your advise in career or other matter & you advise him far better than others did

Situation #18: You help someone who seemed confused at a government office regarding the Visa applying formalities

Situation #19: An Officer helps you repair your broken down car


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