Friday, July 14, 2017

Why prayer is enforced in the Arabic language only?

Street dawah Question : Why salah is to be prayed in arabic language and not in my Chinese language? Why should a Chinese be forced to worship and connect with his lord in Arabic only during prayer?

Answer: The islamic concept of "worshiping Allah (aka prayer/salah)" is performed by reciting divinely revealed verses that we term as the speech of God himself. If prayer were to be performed in accordance to a language then there are numerous synonyms in the arabic language corresponding every sentence in the qur'an that could be used to worship with during prayer, yet this is not allowed and emphatically forbidden. Because the notion is not to pray in the Arabic language per say but rather the notion revolves around reciting the divinely revealed verses without changing their structure, formation, pattern or pronunciation. And this rule applies to an Arab as well as a Non-Arab. 

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